Friday, May 28, 2010


On this Memorial Day Friday, I'll leave you with a little update from our pal and professional BMX rider, Tim Del.

Tim has been in the UK riding with friends and finding new spots to destroy. He was cool enough to send us an email and a few pics of his recent travels....

I'm in Newcastle now chilling at Jon Sherwood's place. The ridings been awesome and we've been getting a bunch of it done in between the Liverpool swine flu.
Greg and Colin got super sick while we were in Liverpool so we haven't been getting to as many spots as we'd like, but we have managed to film a bunch and shoot a few photos here and there.
Unfortunately i took two hand grinders in Liverpool which left me with some meaty paws and a very bruised palm which kinda limits me getting super extreme.
We heading down to London tomorrow so we'll get a bunch more riding and photos done which I'll send to you.

Here's two little tasters.

Rad rad!

Thursday, May 27, 2010


This Morning I got a nice lil surprise on my desk. Who doesn’t enjoy a lil Fetish Model to go with their coffee? Sip on this…

Masuimi Max. Model, burlesque performer, makeup artist, Web Designer… What’s not to love?

Homegirl has Style for daysss. Oh yea … Anything look familiar?

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


I gotta say… working at Iron Fist, you get sent a lot of band Demos. Some good and some super bad. The good ones get our Loot, the bad ones get our Can.

Scrapbook Hereo’s are a UK based band that support Iron Fist…Check out the Shirt on the right.

Not too long ago, our photographer friend Marcus Maschwitz (super cool photographer) was taking promo shots of the band and one of the guys just happened to be wearing an Iron Fist shirt. Thanks for the shot Marcus!

You gotta give it to these guys… any band that is willing to risk their life with some good old “Menthos and Coke” antics, is A-OK with me...


This past Sunday, Iron Fist attended the first annual Sporting Life event in Encinitas California. The event promoted Youth Health and the active lifestyle that comes with being healthy.

Skateboarders Tony Hawk, Andy Macdonald, Neal Hendrix, Pierre- Luc Gagnon, Jesse Fritsch, Kevin Staab and BMX rider Simon Tabron were all in attendance and showing love. Tony Hawk even brought his personal halfpipe and put on a demo that I’m sure, all of Encinitas will remember for a while.

Aside from the wind kicking up and temperature dropping 15 degrees, the Event went off without a hitch. It was awesome to hang out with old friends and meet a bunch of new ones.

Rock-climbing, mechanical snowboarding, water balloon toss, dog trick show, food, music AND a vert ramp demo by some of the worlds top riders…..

is there a better way to spend a Sunday?

Falcor is alive and well…

Monday, May 24, 2010


Have you guys heard of Inked Magazine? It’s a tattoo Magazine/website with everything you need to know in the tattoo world. Since most of us at Iron Fist are “inked up” ourselves… we always keep a copy on hand for some downtime readin’.

Recently the mag was cool enough to feature our Robo Wishbone rib tank and our Zombie Heals in one of their recent spreads. The issue just hit newsstands last week.

Go grab a copy and pick up a tattoo while you’re at it!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Iron Fist's very own sales and "idea-man" guru Ryan Albertson got his ugly mug posted at The Armory's website. For more on this awesome skater-owned store visit their website here.


Dubai based blog "ShoeRA" had some nice words to say regarding Iron Fist. Check it out here.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Ladies Digiskull Platform

Ladies Digiskull Platform
Style: IFL0074US

Ladies Digiskull Platform$50.00
100% Vegan.
Please use the size chart as our shoes run a little big.
Note: Sizes are in US.

Monday, May 10, 2010


South African radio station 5FM along with resident DJ Catherine Grenfell have just released their latest double disc compilation CD featuring some of South Africa's playlisted artists. The press release comes with a photo of Catherine wearing the Iron Fist "Killer Nurse" SS Tee. Check it out!

Friday, May 7, 2010


Iron Fist will have a booth at the "Sporting Life" day on Sunday the 23rd of May at Oak Crest Middle School. Great music all day as well as some of the top skateboarding pros such as Tony Hawk, Andy Macdonald, Kevin Staab and more.

Come on out and say hi to us.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Once again Iron Fist are all over the press in the UK...